Thursday, February 16, 2012

Airport Comfy (Day 1)

Excuse my wild hair, I just washed it and was air drying it instead using heat.. :/

Hello beauties,
These next few post will be on my trip to Orlando Florida.
I usually wear heels or boots to the airport, simply because I am a heels type of chick, but being that I'm pregnant I have to think of more comfortability than style, but still not giving up my style.
I went with this simple dress and a military inspired blazer because it consists of earth tones and its very comfortable.
Our flight was early in the morning and plus it was a bit long, so defiantly didn't want to doll up for that, so you are definitely getting me at my raw.

What I am wearing:
  • Dress: Vintage Dress (Mum)
  • Blazer: Random Find
  • Flats: Image Fashion Boutique
  • Bag: Emma Fox
  • Luggage: Kathy Collection
  • Ring: Image Fashion Boutique
  • Bangle: Hand Made From Uganda 
  • Sunnies: Charlotte Russe
  • Nail Polish: Minted (Revlon)
  • Toe Nail Polish: Plum Seduction (Revlon)

Thanks For Stopping By..

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