A Texas based Nigerian socialite with a hunger for style

Adaora is a lover of all things fashion.
Since the tender age of 6, Adaora has been in the fashion light one way or another.
Her first fashion night out was her kindergarten graduation.
Adaora's mum dressed her up in a ruby red dress with pleats running down the side, added with a white chiffon bow on the front. She added a pair of white satin shoes with half an inch of heel. (LOL no one could tell her anything that night)
That was the day the FASHION MONSTER was made.
Today Adaora Okafor is a fashion blogger, a model, an online T.V. host and an event promoter.
The world of all things pretty has swept her off her feet and onto cloud 9.
Follow her on her fashion journey and see first hand into the closet of FASHION GALORE.

Name: Adaora Okafor
Height: 5'10.5
Wight: 125lb
Bust: 34B
Waist: 25in
Hips: 35in
Shoe: 9.5
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

10 Questions about The Fashionista Whore

1. Who do you look up to in the fashion world ? : I would have to say Rachael Zoe, her style is impeccable. Rachael Zoe quote - I die.!

2. What celeb do you always get compared as/to ? : Zoe Saldana

3. Where did you learn how to dress so fashionable ? : This answer would have to be my mum, it all started in her closet

4. What are you favorite brands at the moment ? : I am in love with Alexandra McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden , and a must have in my closet right now is Fendi

5. If you had to choose one of your friends with the same fashion taste as you who would i be ?: I would say NaNa B. that man can dress..!

6. Who inspires you to get up everyday ? : My father. Most people don't know this but when he was alive he was a fashion designer along with his professional work of course. ( I guess that is the main reason I love my life right now)

7. What celeb's would you go shopping with? : Ahhh, I DIE, Rachael Zoe, Kelly Roland, Rihanna, and Kim K.

8. What is the one fashion piece in your closet right now you can not live without ?: I am currently in love with all of my clothes/shoes, but if I had to pick one it would be my G by Guess trench coat. It was a gift last winter.

9. If you have to reach for your everyday shoes which would it be ?: Well I will answer this as if i am going on a go see, it would be my black suede open toe bakers pumps. I don't wear them on a daily but I do where them often

10. In a nut shell what would you say your style is ?: My style is eclectic, daring, fun, sexy yet not to much, simple with a touch of chic, and last but not least my style is ME. I can not stress enough how I feel about trend followers or band wagoner. I mean every season there is a new trend, and you must go out and buy it, so when next season comes your out buying a whole new collection. What people seem to forget is fashion is a recycle motion, i mean growing up I was wearing my mum's bright colored blazers and shoes, and my age mates would wonder "Where did she get that from?" So look whats in trend now BLAZERS and BIG SHOES. All i am saying is BE YOU, make your own fashion/style no one will crucify you for having your own mind.


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