Monday, October 14, 2013


What I'm Wearing:
// Dress: J.Crew // Belt: Guess? // Bag: Steve Madden // Shoes: Zara

Hi dolls,
It's been way too long since I last blogged and shared my OOTD pics with you all. I split my time between my family and school. 
On to todays outfit, I wore this lovely J.Crew dress to church and felt kind of first lady-esk especially with my classic Zara pumps.

Monday, February 18, 2013

'Blue Ivy"

Hello Dolls,
Hope your week went well. Thank God for weekends.
We had our first snow and also landyns first snow. It was so amazing to see my 9month old walking in snow!
I love this look, It so simple but still elegant.
Have an awesome weekend dolls!

What I'm Wearing
// Velvet Ankle Pants: NY&co // Blazer: Thrifted // Blouse: JC Penney //


Happy presidents day Dolls,
The weekend was a very interesting experience for me. I am learning new things about some people. Anyways this is what I wore last night for a women's gathering.
How was your weekend? I hope pleasant.

What I'm Wearing
// Leather Pants: Gift from a fashion show (But Try These) // Blouse: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: Target //  Blazer: Charlotte Russe // Clutch: Express

Thanks for stopping by!
Adaora Styles!

Monday, February 11, 2013

'Emerald City'

Hello again readers and happy V-day!!
I'm just getting back from my surprise spa day from hubby.! It was so good I fell asleep!!
Hope your week is going?
Mine is going great. This is what I wore to class last night.
I love this look and color, its so simple yet pops on its own.
The color for 2013 fashion scene is "Emerald", and its so beautiful. I'm glad to say I was ahead of the ball game because I bought this blazer last year while I was pregnant. I love love love the high shoulder pads. Its not for everyone but it fits me well.
I hope you beautiful people enjoy the rest of your week.

What I'm Wearing:
// Ankle Cut Pants: H&M // Blouse Image Fashion Boutique // Blazer: Thrifted (Houston Tx) // Bag: Francescas // Shoes: Vince Camuto

'Leopard Meets Spots'

Hi Doll,
Hope your week went well. Boy am I glad the weekend is here, I am having a ladies night at my house tomorrow night, this should be fun.
Today I was in a meeting all day and was away from my baby boy. So sad.
But poor me I was up till 2am finishing accounting homework, which made me really tired during my meeting.
I wore this bright outfit to britten up my mood and kind of wake me up.

What I'm Wearing:
// Pants: TJ Maxx // Ear Rings: Burlington // Bag: TJ Maxx // Necklace: Burlington // Shoes: Nine West // Sweater Shirt: Old Navy

'These Boots Were Made For Strutting'

Hi Dolls,
Happy Monday. I know that sounds odd because everyone hates mondays
but I've been on a high of like lately so I just want to share my positive energy with you beautiful people.
My baby boy is growing so so fast its not fair. I wish we were given more than 11 months to enjoy them as actual babies.
This is what I wore to my evening accounting class.
Hubby couldn't keep his eyes off me while shooting, it was funny, its safe to say he likes my gluteus maximus in these tights.
I am bare face in this post. yay for no make up days, I love letting my skin breath every now and then.

What I'm Wearing
// Leather Jacket: Nordstom // Blouse: Gift from a fashion show // Tights: Last min buy on florida trip // Boots: Charlotte Russe // Bag: Francescas //

Saturday, February 9, 2013

'The Clutch'

Happy Saturday doll!
This outfit is what I wore to an awards ceremony. One of our friends was getting an important award and we went to support her. Lately hubbs and I love taking pics in random dark or dirty places. Tonight our squadron is having ladies rock and roll night! LMAO! Lets see the damage we create! It's more like a Christmas party blackmail plot. Lol. I'll take pics for y'all. It starts at 7pm but I'm yet to pull something to wear!
What do you guys have planned?

Now onto this beautiful clutch..
On our vacation we stopped at the Cayman island , George Town to be exact and we happened to run into one of the cutest boutiques I've seen. It's called "Island Chic Boutique" owned by Jessica Bodden.
Check out her page and if you like anything she ships world wide!
Tell her Adaora from fashionisatwhore sent you! ;)

What I'm Wearing
// Dress: BeBe // Jacket: Guess? // Necklace: Burlington // Earrings: Burlington // Clutch: Island Chich Boutique // Shoes: Carlos Santana

P.s happy birthday to my mum!! Her party is tonight but I won't be able to make it. *cry cry cry*

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bday Vacation 'Day One'

Hi Dolls,
Its been such a busy busy past two weeks. First let me start by saying hi to all my new followers. thank you guys so much for stopping by everyday. I appreciate every single one of you guys!
So as most of you may already know for my birthday hubby and I island hopped! OMG it was so much fun. He made sure I was happy at every second of our trip and also that I had a drink in one hand at all time. lol.
Day one was Florida. 
Check out the video to see how or vacation started.
P.S dont forget to stop by and check for the rest of days, we were gone for a week.

//What I'm Wearing//
// Dress: Michael Kors // Belt: Michael Kors // Sandales: Target //


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