Saturday, February 9, 2013

'The Clutch'

Happy Saturday doll!
This outfit is what I wore to an awards ceremony. One of our friends was getting an important award and we went to support her. Lately hubbs and I love taking pics in random dark or dirty places. Tonight our squadron is having ladies rock and roll night! LMAO! Lets see the damage we create! It's more like a Christmas party blackmail plot. Lol. I'll take pics for y'all. It starts at 7pm but I'm yet to pull something to wear!
What do you guys have planned?

Now onto this beautiful clutch..
On our vacation we stopped at the Cayman island , George Town to be exact and we happened to run into one of the cutest boutiques I've seen. It's called "Island Chic Boutique" owned by Jessica Bodden.
Check out her page and if you like anything she ships world wide!
Tell her Adaora from fashionisatwhore sent you! ;)

What I'm Wearing
// Dress: BeBe // Jacket: Guess? // Necklace: Burlington // Earrings: Burlington // Clutch: Island Chich Boutique // Shoes: Carlos Santana

P.s happy birthday to my mum!! Her party is tonight but I won't be able to make it. *cry cry cry*

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