Monday, February 11, 2013

'These Boots Were Made For Strutting'

Hi Dolls,
Happy Monday. I know that sounds odd because everyone hates mondays
but I've been on a high of like lately so I just want to share my positive energy with you beautiful people.
My baby boy is growing so so fast its not fair. I wish we were given more than 11 months to enjoy them as actual babies.
This is what I wore to my evening accounting class.
Hubby couldn't keep his eyes off me while shooting, it was funny, its safe to say he likes my gluteus maximus in these tights.
I am bare face in this post. yay for no make up days, I love letting my skin breath every now and then.

What I'm Wearing
// Leather Jacket: Nordstom // Blouse: Gift from a fashion show // Tights: Last min buy on florida trip // Boots: Charlotte Russe // Bag: Francescas //

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