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For booking purposes such as

* Model
* On air T.V host
* TheFashionisatWhore T.V
* Event promotions
* Product review
* Personal/Professional Styling
* Fashion advice
* And others.

Please send all e-mails and questions to :
Also, please no personal e-mails should be sent to the above e-mail address

Disclaimer: The owner of this Blog/Website has the right to refuse any sponsorship/product(s) if the sponsor/product(s) company does not respect the views and opinions of and those of it's readers .
Please be advised that will not tarnish it's integrity all in the name of fame, so with that being said will only accept sponsorship/product(s) from companies that will respect and benefit the future of this Blog/Website. is currently accepting  sponsorship from companies.
For sponsorship or product(s) review inquires please e-mail us at :

Booking rates and formalities will be discussed once an e-mail is sent with booking inquires.
Please be advised that contracts will be signed by both parties, although verbal agreements are bond we would like to finalize it with a written agreement.

V/R TheFashionistaWhore


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