Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star Spotlight: Rihanna Craze

Rihanna is on cloud nine right now..
Dropping her 5th album called "Loud" has sky rocketed the island beauty into more fame, with BANGER hits like,  "Only Girl", "Whats My Name", "S&M", "Man Down" and many many more..
Rihanna is currently on her Loud tour so look out for her in your cities, I know she will be in my city next weekend.! 
Lets take a look at her fashion through out the yr.

Album cover

2011 Billboard music awards

2011 Met

My FAVE look of her so far.........

So this ends this weeks star/celeb spotlight...
what look is your fave?
Are you a fan of the red hair.?

Stay tuned for next weeks spotlight..!!
It will be HOT..!!

Till next time Fashion Lovers..
"stay beautiful inside and out"

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