Sunday, July 24, 2011

Personal Post

I have a LIFE dilemma.
So I have been modeling since i was about 13yrs old, and I can not see my life without the fashion world, so I decided to major in marketing and minor in fashion merchandising. My life long dream has been to be a lawyer (entertainment to be exact)

Ok, let me explain how it would all play out. I get my bachelors in marketing and fashion merchandising, then head off to law school, but still dabble in fashion buying, fashion marketing and P.R work, because my field of law will still be in the fashion/entertainment world. I also would like to manage/law rep a high end fashion company and/or small boutiques..

So here is my problem, my family and those close to me are pushing their opinions into my education choice. I have already made up my mind on how I want to do it, I have spoken to so many people in the field and the say I know what I want and I should go ahead with it, so I guess ill let you in on the other problem, the yrs ill put into school are so much, am worried if I build a family my education will fall behind, being that I would like to have my own family by age 23-26..

Keep in mind that I am only 19yrs old (20 in January), but have the mentality of a 30yr old, so when I tell you that I am scared of time, I am not playing.. Most people would say "girl what is your dam problem, you are young and have your whole life head of you",  but I am my own worst critic, I only expect the best, and for me that means getting it done on time and not dwelling on the nightlife and fancy things until my goal is reached. On top of all of that I have a timeline with myself, so I have a lot riding on this..
Don't get me wrong am not that girl who walks around with a timeline sheet expecting it all to happen at a certain time, am actually the total opposite of that. With me its if it happens it happens, but at least I know what I want and I wont force it.
(call me silly)

I guess this was more of a rant than anything. I just wanted an outlet for my feelings without someone interrupting me or putting in their own two cents.

Thank you for listening and letting me pour out my thoughts to you..
>> ... LOL... <<

With that being said, 
"Stay beautiful inside and out'


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  1. You seem to know what you want out of aeem so mature..that's why I tune in to know more about you. Doesn't seem like advice is what you need...This life is a obstacle course..we all finish the race at our on time... as long as you keep your go getter's you/ your family against the world! I'll keep tuning in to see how school/life is going...wishing you nothing but the best~~ TTYL!



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