Friday, January 20, 2012

Date Night Pavement

Hi ladies
So hubby and I had date night recently and it was soo much fun. 
We really do enjoy the little we spend together be it 5mins or a whole day. 
We went to a sushi bar in our new favorite center by our house called Ra Sushi. I had been craving sushi for weeks, but was scared I would harm the baby, but I did extensive research and doctors and mommy websites said it would be ok as long as its cooked and did not have any of the fish I couldn't have. (I enjoyed every bit of it, even got a second plate, don't judge me, I'm pregnant and hungry) 

The shopping center has great restaurants and wonderful shopping boutiques.
 I may take you guys along next time I go. ;)

how has your week been?
School reopened this week for me, so trying to get used to this new schedule.

Pregnancy Update:
  • Belly is slowly growing
  • Back really hurts
  • Boobs are extreamly huge.. HAHAHA
  • Sleeping is still uncomfortable
  • People seem to stare at me a-lot now, I guess they don't want to ask if i'm pregnant because i'm still kinds skinny. LMAO
  • I still love my heels, but going for the shorter ones now
  • I can feel my little munchkin kicking now. :)
  • My right hip hurts all the time, kinda feel like my bones are rubbing against each other.. GRRR..!!
  • All in all, I wouldn't trade these annoying and wonderful feelings for anything. We have been blessed with the most precious gift anyone can possibly have.

What I am wearing.!
  • Leggings: Charlotte Russe 
  • Jean Shirt: Dallas Boutique
  • Boots: Dallas Boutique
  • Bag: Emma Fox
  • Necklace: Image Fashion Boutique
  • Ring: Forever Twenty-One

Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. The leopard print boots are very daring! You pull them off verrryy well! NICE!

    Thank you for your sweet comment doll and for following!

    Im following back as well!

    keep in touch!




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