Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi  luvs, 
my weekend has been long, with a longer week awaiting me.
I had a promo gig in South Lake. (beautiful city)..!!
Grrr- long long day.. so glad this weekend is over.
I woke up Saturday morning with a high of emotions.. I felt as if flowers just bloomed, birds were chirping, and the feeling you get when you eat chocolate.. 
I guess thats what love does to you..!! :)

Here is my look for Saturday.. 
face shot and body shot..!!

New nail color called "Why Not"
Lips: Maybelline-140
Ring: Vintage
And my Mini Mouse ears.. :)
Location: South Lake town square

So remember i told you i am growing my hair out, well plan is in effect.
On my way back from a model job, i stopped to picked up a No-lye relaxer  from "African Pride"
so far so good. It is my first time trying this company out and it works great form women of color and also gets those stubborn roots..
my hair is naturally wavy and curly at the roots and it popped up like military men in attention.. :)
and its very inexpensive for those looking for a good product, pick this one.!!

I also picked up "Xtreme instant heat" CONAIR rollers. 
Putting heat on freshly permed hair is not healthy, so the next best thing are roller.
They only come in one color- Pink.!
Last but not least i came home to a surprise: my cousin from Chicago came to Dallas, and was sitting in my room when i got home.. SOOOO EXCITED to see her..

Song of the day: Kanye West -E.T , Ft. Katy Perry
As we all know- i LOVE me some Yeezy
Dope song

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  1. Yeah African Pride is a good relaxer, they have good conditioner that comes in the box. I relas like once maybe twice a year and this last time I used african pride. It made my hair so straight..I didn't want it to come out soo straight because it looks to thin for my liking.



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