Tuesday, August 7, 2012

OOOT- Multi Color Maxi Dress

Hello beauties,
So as you all know by now my family and I moved out of Texas to Kansas for hubby's job.
We are still getting situated. Landyn and I were invited by some of the wives at hubby's office for a meet and great and this is what I wore.
Needless to say even though I thought I was dressed down with a maxi dress, apparently it was a more casual gathering than I thought.
If any of my reader/subscribers reside in the kansas area please hit me up, I have no friend out here. lol. oh poor me. Just having a little fun with you guys.
By the way, I am loving my new house, its so beautiful, inside and out.

What I am Wearing:
  • Dress: Target
  • Shoes: Target
  • Necklace: Charming Charlie
  • Earring: Bettsy Johnson
  • Bangle: Gift (YT Subscriber)


  1. I've also thought that army wives aren't in to everyday fashion...I can see why your style would be considered to them "dressy". This was a very simply, very well put together outfit, as usual, the shoes were on point; it's amazing what deals/steals you find at everyday stores like target...loved it!!! Hope all is well in Kansas and that you find some Divas soon... ;-)

    1. Hi dear, long time huh, lol.
      how are you?
      Yes i know, i too dont understand how my casual maxi dress is overdressed, but you know to each is own. lol.
      They actually seemed interested in my fashion. ;)



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